The BEST Aussie Sheds

The BEST Aussie Sheds



Australians are obsessed with their sheds and why not? They are a big part of our culture and the love affair flows deep.

You can find sheds in all our backyards. They are used as a place to escape to; a place to house our most beloved tools, they feature frequently in TV Ads (who can forget the Carlton Draft ad), bands have been named after them (‘The Sheds”), and even a Men’s health group has been dubbed ‘Men’s Sheds’. I myself love the whole business of sheds and the magnificent things we can do with these small buildings.

One of the biggest things we have discovered in recent years is that Aussie’s are very creative and innovative when it comes how they use their sheds.  In the past 5 years we have seen customers turn sheds into…

  • Man Caves so fathers and husbands can escape the kids and wives
  • Bat Caves for kids to escape their parents
  • Drum Studios for the next BIG thing to hit the X Factor
  • Space Observatories for budding astronomers
  • Chooky Hotels for their feathery friends

So naturally Cheap Sheds launched a competition to find the ‘Best Aussie Sheds’ around the country and have continued this tradition each year.

“We Love our Aussie Sheds” Competition.

At the end of 2012 Cheap Sheds revealed the nations latest and finest sheds in the 2012 Shed Contest. We discovered a whole new range of ways to use a shed and boy have I  seen it all!

When we asked Australia to share their sheds with the rest of the country, none of us expected to see such ‘Shed-man-ship’. If there was ever any doubt that Australia had a love affair with sheds, this eliminated any doubt.

We were sent photos and stories of sheds from all over the country, even as far as Tasmania. There were two things that stood out from the entries- the dedication and genuine love the owners had for their sheds.  We were overwhelmed with the
response and it seemed unfair to decide on only one winner. However, the job had to be done.

The Judges, the people of Australia, were asked to vote for their favourite Shed and were able to base their choice on the following:

  1. Inventiveness
  2. Creativity
  3. The story behind the shed or
  4. They may just love the ‘shed-li-ness’ of the shed.

The following entries were some of many we received:

Glen Xuereb from VIC who won the Cheap Sheds Choice award had transformed his Absco Regent Shed entirely into an outside toilet- plumbing, sink, tiles and all.

Thava Kumar from WA, a budding astronomer, designed and uses his Absco pool pump shed as a space observatory.

We also had a wildlife hero, Pat Laird from Sydney, who told us how she uses her Absco Aviary to save the lives of many local animals – possums, birds wallaby’s, you name it!

Renee Brack, a young lady showed up all the boys by putting her own Spanbilt shed together on the second story of her apartment building.

Most impressively we saw Ron Czisz build his Workshop Sheds on stilts to match his rainforest home.

There were over 65 Shed to choose from but it was in the small town of Wollongong NSW where the winner was found. Brendan Sawczuk entered his standard garden shed with a poem about it. It was his love for his shed  and flair in poetry (unexpected for a tough piercing professional) that got everyone’s attention and won him the competition. The poem represented his dedication to his shed and his love it which others related to.

The Cheap Sheds team and I travelled down to Wollongong to present Brendan with his prize. He walked away with a VIP Bali Getaway, which he and his partner will use for their honeymoon when they ‘tie the knot’ this year. Congratulations guys!

At the end of the day Australian’s have proved once again how innovative and creative we truly are and that the love for our garden sheds is still strong. We find solutions for storage challenges and can transform something ordinary and
boring into something unique and extraordinary. All the best,


P.S. There were over 65 entries and all the stories and sheds can be seen at 2012 Shed Contest.

How Aussies use their Sheds

How Aussies use their Sheds

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