Stilla Cedar Sheds have joined the Cheap Sheds Family!

Stilla Cedar Sheds have joined the Cheap Sheds Family!


As always we are on the hunt to bring you, our customers the best products on the market and we are happy to introduce you to…

Stilla Group is an Australian based manufacturer of easy DIY Cedar outdoor buildings such as Garden Sheds.

They also provide neat playhouses for kids and great pet homes like aviaries and kennels for our family pets.

They are well known for their durable and beautiful sheds which look more like timber cabins, meant for a retreat. You can certainly add character to your home now with these products instead of settling for the standard steel sheds.

Stilla range

These Cedar products are…

  • Long lasting thanks to the termite treated pine frame
  • Naturally insect repellent/ termite proof
  • Clad in beautiful Canadian Western Red Cedar which is attractive and functional
  • Easy to DIY
  • All products come with raw timber, natural state giving you the choice of finish

We ourselves have checked out the range, even seen them being assembled and we can honestly say…



 There is nothing better than a natural wood shed let alone an aviary or cubby.

They have a wonderful smell, look fantastic and are family friendly.

 You can purchase the sheds, cubbies and pet homes directly from our store. To give you a much better insight to why Stilla products are top of the range, visit following info page>

Cheap Sheds Store

There you will find all the benefits and qualities of Stilla Cedar Products outlined and you can then go on to browse the range.

Stilla sheds ST


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