Steel Prices on the Rise: How is this Good News for You?

Steel Prices on the Rise: How is this Good News for You?


It has been a few years since we had to make a price increase announcement but it is always an inevitable occurrence. As most things, the Steel Industry is also impacted by the changes in the economy, so we want to notify our community that:

There will be a National Increase in the costs of steel effective from next month.

This means that suppliers are forced to increase prices on some of their products which will impact us and you, the customers.

It’s not the first time this has happened as I mentioned, in 2014 The Australian warned the consumers that “the steel industry was facing big cost increases, with iron ore prices set to rise at least 65 per cent, and coking coal prices expected to double”.

We are not expecting a huge increase next month, perhaps only as small as a max of 4% increase will be seen.

The increases start from the ground (ore prices) and work their way up the chain impacting everyone one way or another.

What does that mean for Cheap Sheds?

At Cheap Sheds, some of our large steel products (not all) will go up in price from the 1st of November, only a few weeks away.

On the flip side, the larger buildings have been undergoing a lot of enhancements, so the products are even better than before!

Also, sheds will NOT be impacted by the change. Suppliers have done their best to keep the prices low on the smaller storage solutions.

Some of our top models will be impacted such as:

  • Smartbild Garages
  • Carports
  • YardPro Portal Frame Workshops
  • Smartlockers
  • Rural Buildings

But there is GOOD NEWS for YOU!

We are committed to providing the highest quality storage solutions for the best value and will never provide inferior products to our customers…this promise to you will never change.


With prices will increase soon but NOW is really the best time to secure a low price on our larger steel sheds, garages and carports. We have put a lot of specials on this month so that anyone looking for a larger shed, garage workshop or carport can get in quick with a deal before having to pay more!

  • We have a double garage currently available for at a mammoth discount
  • Smartbild garages all come with a BONUS $200 Fuel voucher & some are on special
  • Our Farm sheds are also on sale!
  • You can grab a Smartlocker with a bonus $100 fuel voucher

We suggest you check out our awesome deals this month and spread the word before we are forced to make the change.



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