Timber Floor Kits Now Available for Steel Garden Sheds!

Timber Floor Kits Now Available for Steel Garden Sheds!


We have added a new accessory to our store which will make your life easier! Timber Floor Kits.

Up till now, when purchasing a Steel Garden Shed you have been advised to either lay a concrete slab or build a solid foundation.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the experience in mixing concrete let alone engineering a floor from wood or timber.

LUCKILY! Stilla, a popular Timber Garden Shed supplier has introduced their top of the range DIY Timber Floor Kits for steel garden sheds!

Timber Floor Kits

Now you can order a rebated wooden floor from Cheap Sheds with ANY of our steel garden sheds and it will be delivered pre-packaged ready for you to build your shed on.

Why buy a Timber Floor Kit?

  • Less labour intensive and faster
  • Provides a solid level surface which can easily be moved if required
  • Made from high quality, super strong pine
  • The flooring kit comes rebated, so your shed fits easily on top
  • The timber is treated so it’s protected from damage
  • It comes with 10 years warranty!
  • Floor comes rebated so your shed fits easily on top

Timber Floor Kits

What size sheds do they fit?

Stilla provides their top of the range Timber Floor kits with any of Cheap Sheds Standard Garden Sheds. As a matter of fact, they can make them to any sizes!

Can I order one for my existing shed?

If you have a shed already set up in your backyard, then you can certainly have a timber shed custom made to fit. Find out here http://www.cheapsheds.com.au/garden-shed-timber-flooring/

So to save you time, money and the pain of laying a concrete slab, opt for a Timber Floor Kit with your steel garden shed.

Timber Floor Kits


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  • Lucas says:

    10 years warranty? Fantastic! Customers should examine meticulously at the value of the flooring they are going to buy – value for money, quality, durability, longevity and beauty.

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