When purchasing a shed or even an aviary, carport or garage, you need to consider the height of the structure.  Most sheds have a standard wall height of 1.8m.

However some models have 1.98m or even 2.1m wall height!


Absco garden sheds and aviaries are manufactured with standard walls of 1.8m.  They vary on gable heights ranging from 1.95m or 2.06m depending on the model.  Absco offers a model with higher walls and this is the Highlander, which comes in four different sizes.  Highlander wall height is at 2.035m and gable peaks at 2.3m.

Absco skillion roof carports’ standard clearance is 2.06m with height extensions of 300mm and 600mm.  The gable carport would have standard clearance of 2.25m and same height extensions as the skillion-roofed.  Absco garages on the other hand vary depending on the model.  Garage wall height ranges from 2.17m to 2.65m.

absco sheds

Absco Highlander (left) & Premier (right) sheds


Most of Spanbilt sheds wall height ranges from 1.68m to 1.78m.  Gable heights vary based on shed models.  Spanbilt offers three Monarch garden shed models that have an extra wall height of 1.8m.  You can choose between a 2.1m of 2.4 clearances for Spanbilt carports while the garages’ wall height is either 2.33m or 2.63m.

spanbilt shed

Spanbilt Yardmate 85 (left) & Monarch 86 (right)


Durabuilt garden sheds have a standard wall height of 1.82m.  Skillion roof sheds have the front walls at 1.98m and gable sheds peak from 1.97m to 2.1m.  Wall height extension to 1.98m and 2.1m are available for all Durabuilt models.

If you are a tall person looking for a Shed which won’t take your head off and you can enjoy with ease, why not check out this video: Sheds for Tall People


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