Name: Mary Parsons
Location: Roslyn NSW
Type Of Shed: Absco Aviary ZAA30151GK 3m x 1.48m x 2.06m ZINCALUME




With a birthday coming up in March, my very kind husband of 33 years asked me if there was anything I particularly would like. For ages an aviary has been on my wish list and not in my wilderest dreams did I think it possible, mentioned the idea to him. Amased at his response, I began searching the net for the best deal. Things were not looking too good, as the ones that I found were way out of our price. Then by chance I came across Cheap Sheds. There was the exact one I wanted and surprisingly we could afford it.

Name: Yuvensius Santoso
Location: Auburn NSW
Type Of Shed: Absco Premier PE30301GK 3m x 3m Pale Eucalypt


I needed an outdoor storage space to store my garden stuffs and other things that I do not use frequently. I have actually already had a storage which could be used as a self-contained unit, but I could not use utilise it as a self-contained unit because of the garden stuffs that I have still in it.

Name: Lisa Schortz
Location: Myrtle Bank, SA
Type Of Shed: Absco Premier PE30152GK 3m x 1.52m Pale Eucalypt


I wanted a small shed in my garden that would just hold my gardens tools and the one you had on offer was just the size that I was looking for as it just fitted perfectly in the space I had allowed. I could not erect it myself and it was very hard to get a trade person to put it up for me.

Name: James Gow
Location: Kenthurst NSW
Type Of Shed: Durabuilt EasySHED Absco 0410 E/Z 6.00m x 3.00m x 2.10m with D/Doors Zinc


My wife, Agnes, and I tried to put up a 6m x 3m shed by ourselves and failed miserably as you can imagine. We (well I mostly) did manage to put all, well most of the panels together on 9 April after we had spent the previous weekend building the footings and base. When we saw the enormity of the task confronting us we knew two people were never going to be enough to manage to erect the shed, although this ultimately proved to be wrong.

Name: Allen & Brenda Taylor
Location: Riverview QLD
Type Of Shed: Absco Highlander 60303HK 5.96m x 3m x 2.3m Woodland Grey


Our “Tennis” Shed

I wouldn’t say that our shed is too unusual – it’s a high quality, easy to assemble shed that looks good and does a great job of storing things…. nothing unusual there, but the reason we bought it may leave some people scratching their heads!

Name: Jun Bai
Location: Chipping Norton NSW
Type Of Shed: Durabuilt EasySHED 0301 E/C 2.25m x 1.50m x 1.97m Single Door Smooth Cream



Hi Krisztian,

Thanks for your messages. I must say that I have made a right decision to do the business with your company. The product and the service I received are truly wonderful. I will definitely recommend any of my friends to buy garden shed from you people.

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