Name: Mary Parsons
Location: Roslyn NSW
Type Of Shed: Absco Aviary ZAA30151GK 3m x 1.48m x 2.06m ZINCALUME





With a birthday coming up in March, my very kind husband of 33 years asked me if there was anything I particularly would like. For ages an aviary has been on my wish list and not in my wilderest dreams did I think it possible, mentioned the idea to him.

Amased at his response, I began searching the net for the best deal. Things were not looking too good, as the ones that I found were way out of our price. Then by chance I came across Cheap Sheds.

There was the exact one I wanted and surprisingly we could afford it.
Then began the process of getting it from Queensland to our little country town in NSW. How easy it was.

The team at Cheap Sheds were so helpful. Free of charge it was delivered to our local produce store for us to pick up, within a week.

Then began the process of assembling it. Again too easy. Everything fitted perfectly and the instructions were easy to follow. Hubby is not always good at following instructions, so if a few unpleasant words flew, I would say ,”read the instructions”, and all was good.

I bought the birds from a local breeder and they have settled in well. The Gouldians already have babies. I love my aviary, it reminds me of my dad, long passed on, who for as long as I can remember always had aviary birds. They were his passion and now thanks to Cheap Sheds I can enjoy my own and share the pleasure with my grandchildren.

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