Limited Deep Ocean Colour Run On Some Absco Regent Models

Limited Deep Ocean Colour Run On Some Absco Regent Models


Why Would You Be The Same As Anyone Else?

It is a most likely never to be repeated offer and there are only very small quantities available.

We have managed to secure some high end, great quality Absco Regent garden sheds for our Cheap Sheds customers in Deep Ocean Bluescope Steel colour.

Regent Gable Roof 3m x 2.18m Double Door Deep Ocean Shed

Regent Gable Roof Double Door Deep Ocean Shed

  • The Regent range is Absco’s top end shed with its stylish design and it is one of those few models on the market, which has the door(s) on the gable end.
  • The roof slightly overhangs the walls all around the shed, makes them even more elegant.
  • These sheds look fantastic and very unique in this dark blue colour however, they may not suit everyone’s needs, hence the limited release.

If you are after a garden or storage shed just to ease your storage needs and it is likely to be placed in a back corner of your backyard or somewhere where it is not exposed to anyone, then these sheds are probably not for you. The Regent prices are normally higher than other, more common storage unit prices due to their more sophisticated look and design, that increases production cost.

Regent Gable Roof 1.52m x 1.44m Single Door Deep Ocean Shed

Regent Gable Roof Single Door Deep Ocean Shed

If you are someone who values high quality and great look and don’t want to have the same products that everyone else, then you can be assured that you can’t go wrong with any of these units, especially in this limited run Deep Ocean colour.

Sheds assemble with Absco’s patented SNAPTiTE system and we have a fully documented assembly video series on our website on how to put these exact same models together. Absco sheds are one of the easiest and quickest garden sheds to assemble in the whole world and watching the installation videos on your iPad or smart phone (using our Cheap Sheds app), while you are putting your shed together will make the whole process even more fun.

Doors are hinged and braced for added security and once your shed is up it won’t require any maintenance.
Not to mention the fact, that it comes with 20 years manufacturers warranty, so by purchasing one of these sheds will definitely give you a peace of mind, you’ll get a fantastic high quality product backed up with a strong guarantee and you will also receive exceptional customer service and support through our dedicated Cheap Sheds team.

We’re here to help with anything we can, so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to let us know.

And if you want to secure one of these limited editions make sure you grab it while it is still available.

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