Keter Resin Storage Solutions at Cheap Sheds

Keter Resin Storage Solutions at Cheap Sheds


Have you met our Keter Family? If not… then don’t delay because these, top of the range, very attractive plastic storage solutions have exploded in popularity on the market!

Keter is a manufacturer who specialises in offering a range of resin outdoor storage solutions of the best grade. They have been in business for 65 years.


What’s so good about Keter resin products?

  • Attractive designs
  • Modern colours- Taupe, Beige, Espresso Brown and Anthracite Grey
  • Light weight and easy
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Strong and Durable
  • Low Maintenance

What are popular uses for resin storage solutions?

  • Bike Sheds
  • Garden tools large and small
  • Wheelie bin storage
  • Outdoor entertaining accessories
  • Pool toys and outdoor toys for kids
  • General Storage
  • Outdoor studio or office

What types of resin storage solutions are available?

  • Storage boxes
  • Trendy planters
  • Small to large cabinets
  • Small to large sheds







Who are Keter resin products ideal for?

  • Live near coastlines because they won’t rust or fade
  • Want a lightweight and low maintenance shed
  • Need an easy to assemble and easy to relocate storage solution

The best features of Keter resin products…

  • They won’t rust, dent, mildew or fade
  • Weatherproof/water resistant
  • Perfect for outdoor as well as for indoor use
  • You won’t have to worry about any termites ever again!

This is all thanks to their highly durable design. They do not only look great but are crafted from quality resin, which is UV protected and comes with a generous warranty for your peace of mind.

So take a look through our Keter range to get the full feel for these super popular products!


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