Name: Kathryn Main (Kat)
Location: Mitchelton QLD
Type Of Shed: Absco Spacesaver 15081SK 1.52m x 0.78m x 1.95m Woodland Grey



Having spent 15 years living in London flats, our Cheap Sheds is our first ever shed.

It may not be big & flash like next door’s,

but it does the job fitting in our DIY gear, garden tools and other bits and pieces.

There’s also pride in knowing that we put up the shed ourselves – despite our DIY skills largely being limited to painting and putting together flat pack furniture.

My sister and I did have a few issues putting the sheds together, not because of the shed itself but due to our own lack of ability. We even managed to partially erect the shed around a pergola post. I love my sister dearly, but even she’d admit that when it comes to putting things together she’s about as much use as a chocolate teapot. Mind you – she does love chocolate and a nice cup of tea.

Still, we got there in the end and our shed is a well used and loved addition to the house. It’s not a workshop, studio or a man cave, it’s just a small shed – but I feel pride whenever I look at it knowing that I managed to put it up largely on my own – with some small assistance from my sister.

Anyway, surely it’s not the size that matters, it’s what you do with it and our shed suits us fine.

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