Guttering For Garden Sheds

Guttering For Garden Sheds


Larger farm sheds, garages and carports generally come with gutters and downpipes however, most smaller garden sheds or even workshops don’t.

This can be fairly inconvenient and become a bit of a challenge to install yourself. You would need to either find gutters which will fit your shed dimensions perfectly and hope they also attach easily without damaging the current design.

However, the GOOD NEWS is that there are a large range of quality DIY Garden sheds which are engineered to support water run off with with the need of guttering.

This article has been prepared to explain how the engineers have designed the sheds for water run off as well as to go over some common questions and answers regarding guttering for gardens Sheds.

How Do Garden Sheds Handle Water Run off?

Garages and carports are large building with a  large surface area which is why they require the assistance of gutters and downpipes during wet weather. 

Garden Sheds on the other hand are smaller and so adding extra features such as gutters to assist can clutter and not work with the engineered design so they come with an inbuilt solution.

When building your DIY Garden Sheds from Cheap Shed syou will notice some space between the trim and the sheeting overhanging the walls.. this is no ‘accident’.

Edges of sheetingTrimming and sheets

Skillion roof






Let me explain…



Some garden sheds have a flat roof and when it rains, the water will flow away in the sheeting ridges towards the front and back before running off between the overhanging roof and trim.




A gable roof peaks in the centre and aids rapid rain run off to either side and also seep and run through the edge of the sheeting and the trim to make sure there is no build up.




A sloping or skillion roof works the same but only one direction. The water will run off to one end where the roof slopes and run through the sheeting edge and trim with not trouble


Also it is recommended to make sure to clear any debris and leaves during or after heavy rain so the water can flow freely.

What Products do Cheap Sheds offer with Guttering ?

We only offer guttering on large buildings such as farm sheds, garages and carports.

All our garden sheds and workshops don’t have gutters because they have been engineered to handle the runoff without.

We do have ONE unique shed design which has a guttering system and its the modern Smartlocker storage shed by Spanbilt


When shopping for a Garden shed is it worth asking the supplier if the products they provide are designed to handle water run off efficiently before making a purchase.


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