Garden Shed Assembly – Panel Assembly

Garden Shed Assembly – Panel Assembly


Panel Assembly

If you have purchased an Absco Garden shed, this video will show you how to put your panels together. If you have purchased a different DIY shed please keep  in mind the panel assembly process may be different and to check the manual that came with it. However, this video may assist and you can take away some tips.

So let’s get started!

Position the panels on timber plank or partly hanging over the edge of your concrete slab.

Now, join the sheets together.

After joining the sheets together, position the correct perimeter channel to one end of the sheets.

Gently tapping it over the SNAP TiTE lugs.

Work along the sheets until you reach the opposite end.

The channels can be temp over the lugs using your hands or soft piece of wood or a rubber mallet.

Double check to ensure that every SNAP TiTE lugs are locked in to the channel.

Each perimeter channel must finish flush with the edges of the sheets.

The SNAP TiTE system allows adjustment for this process by simply tapping the channel along the sheets until each end in neatly flush.

If you have any comments or questions, please let us know below and we’ll get back to you very quickly. Thank you.

That’s it! Now you can move onto the next step- all videos can be found here:

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