Free & Convenient Depot Deliveries

Free & Convenient Depot Deliveries


When purchasing garden aviaries, garden sheds, carports, garages or pool pump covers online you’d be faced with the question of where to collect your item(s).  Depending on the model of the structure you have bought, transport depots contracted by the manufacturers are strategically located in the different states and territories of the country.

At Cheap Sheds pick up from depots are free of charge and does not entail additional expenses on your part, cool right? This applies to most of Australia and Tasmania but certain suppliers may have a exception to a few remote or difficult areas, so it’s always good to check first when ordering online. More details below on suppliers.

Transport is organised by the manufacturer and each manufacturer has their list of drop off/pick up points.

Transport works on 7 to 21 days term depending on location.

Absco’s factory is in Brisbane.  There are quite a number of depots used by Absco in the different parts of the country including Tasmania.

Spanbilt and Durabuilt utilise almost the same transport depots where you can collect your items with the exception of their respective factories which serves as a depot in the area. Spanbilt’s is in Crestmead Queensland while Durabuilt have their factory in Albury, New South Wales (See the depot locations page for all other depots).  Both manufacturers offer three depot locations in Tasmania where they can deliver your product free of charge.

Finally, our Resin products for Keter and Duramax offer only HOME Delivery for a fee. Whereas Suncast offers free HOME delivery all year round.

Stilla timber sheds offers free depot pick up (above $500) only and no depots because they are pre-made and ready.

All of these brands factories (Keter Duramax, Suncast and Stilla) are based in Queensland.

Transport depots are mainly for delivery points to ship product straight from factory to their locations.  There are no readily available stocks at these depots.  And this is what makes it possible for us to supply the products at bargain prices as the local depots make it possible for the delivery service to be affordable.

If you have any comments or questions, please let us know below and we’ll get back to you very quickly. Thank you.

For all the details about Delivery options at Cheap Shed please visit the following area:

Cheap Sheds Delivery

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