Easy ACCESS  with a Garden Shed Ramp

Easy ACCESS with a Garden Shed Ramp


We have been getting some interest from customers about solutions for safely getting ride on movers and wheelbarrows over the bottom channel of their garden sheds.

After making some calls and making requests for a “ramp” that could be fixed to your sheds concrete slab at the bottom channel to make sure no damage occurs while driving over it with a ride on mower or pushing mover’s and wheelbarrows over it…

This challenge inspired Durabuilt Products to develop a brand new accessory, called “EasyACCESS”.

And we launched it at Cheap Sheds to solve our customer’s problems.

Craig, from Durabuilt who was behind the development explains a bit more about the accessory:

“In recent months we have developed a new product called the ‘EasyACCESS’. This product is a ramp leading into the EasySHED that has been developed through extensive market research. The research has shown that a majority of people go out and buy, or make, a ramp that leads from the outside of the shed into it, eliminating the step created by the channel at the bottom of the door panel. We have come up with a innovative design which consequently, adds value and versatility to each EasySHED purchased. This ramp can be used as safe access for elderly people, or simply, easier handling of lawn mowers, wheelbarrows, or bikes, etc, that may be stored in a garden shed.”

The ramp is a mirror image on the inside of what you can see on the outside on the below picture:

EasyACCESS Garden Shed ramp

EasyACCESS Garden Shed ramp

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