Cheap Sheds has dreamed of this day for a long time. We have worked really hard and have finally made our dream a reality! Today we are super excited to announce the re-launch of the domain of all domains, the original online shed store, where it all began…

You may be a bit confused and wondering why this is such a big deal to us, so let me shed some light onto the situation (no pun intended).

Starting with the basics, a domain is defined by the dictionary as “a territory governed by a singular ruler or government”. Now this is only a general definition and I will need to expand on it to allow you to see how it fits in, in the  online world. Picture the url as an address for a historical piece of  land, and this piece of land beging one of the first in the online shed Industry. Now owning that address is like being made president of the online shed country. So in short we are celebrating the fact that…

Cheap Sheds, the Largest Online Shed Store, is now the President of Garden

Today we have moved into our new domain and are launching it to the public in hope to be able to share our top deals to a wider community. Cheap Sheds is still going strong and not going anywhere but instead we now have a brother store where you can find the same top quality service and products.

So if you have a minute go visit our site and let us know what you think!



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