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Name: Mark Chilton
Location: Oakleigh South, Vic
Type Of Shed: Absco Workshop 45232WK 4.48m x 2.26m x 2.06m Classic Cream


Like the shed the website is a WIP – to be completely redesigned in a week or so. I really couldn’t justify the Workshop Sheds as I had recently closed my retail bicycle store as I was continuing to trade at a loss. I’m now glad I did. I am setting up to operate various bicycle related business activities. Mostly based from home and mostly using the Absco Sheds. It’s looking like it might work. The inside is ‘different’ I reckon. Still working on it but might have something in time. I rarely participate in offers such as this, but the service you provided was impressive; particularly in that you provided that seemingly rare commodity of timely communication.

Name: Daphne P
Location: Canterbury NSW
Type Of Shed: Absco Spacesaver 30152SK 3m x 1.52m x 2.08m Pale Eucalypt


We were pretty keen to get a new sheds, we had a fair bit of sports and adventure gear to store through the varying seasons of non use and so we had affectionately called it the Adventure shed.

Name: Dean Block
Location: Lysterfield Vic
Type Of Shed: Absco Premier WG30152GK Woodland Grey 3m x 1.52m


My son Luke was begging me for a Bat-Cave so I thought about digging a big hole under our house, but then I remembered Cheap Sheds and figured he could have a Bat-Shed for a few years then we could covert it into a more regular shed when his bat days are over.

Name: Garth Palmer
Location: Minyama QLD
Type Of Shed: Spanbilt YardSaver S42 1.4m x 0.7m Smooth Cream


Hi Krisztian,

Having a home with a water frontage on the Sunshine Coast, we have a lot of outdoor furniture. This furniture has many large cushions. We don’t want to leave these cushions out in the weather when not being used. I looked at many storage solutions before deciding on a small shed.

Name: Kathryn Main (Kat)
Location: Mitchelton QLD
Type Of Shed: Absco Spacesaver 15081SK 1.52m x 0.78m x 1.95m Woodland Grey


Having spent 15 years living in London flats, our Cheap Sheds is our first ever shed.


Name: John Skretowicz
Location: Basin VIC
Type Of Shed: Absco Premier 30301GK 3m x 3m Pale Eucalypt


You want a story on MY SHED; I’ll give you a story alright.

One fine afternoon I was basking in the warm sun and thought to my self -“self you need a shed” and as always I agreed with myself, so that was settled.

Name: Lachlan Wheeler
Location: Turramurra, NSW
Type Of Shed: Townhouse 82 D/SD 2.2m x 0.6m Wheat



I have built terraced planter beds down the side of my house, and wanted my gardening tools and supplies to be located nearby rather than in the garage on the other side of the house. The storage system or sheds needed to fit in a 800mm wide space to maintain the pathway access, be able to stand on a timber platform, and not be an eye-sore for the neighbours looking out their kitchen window.


Name: Mary Parsons
Location: Roslyn NSW
Type Of Shed: Absco Aviary ZAA30151GK 3m x 1.48m x 2.06m ZINCALUME




With a birthday coming up in March, my very kind husband of 33 years asked me if there was anything I particularly would like. For ages an aviary has been on my wish list and not in my wilderest dreams did I think it possible, mentioned the idea to him. Amased at his response, I began searching the net for the best deal. Things were not looking too good, as the ones that I found were way out of our price. Then by chance I came across Cheap Sheds. There was the exact one I wanted and surprisingly we could afford it.