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You know how you often see companies run competitions and giveaways? And the thoughts cross your mind… “It’s probably just a gimmick” or “That’s probably …

Australians are obsessed with their sheds and why not? They are a big part of our culture and the love affair flows deep. You can find sheds …

Name: Atanas Djonov & Allan Giddy
Location: University of NSW Randwick Campus
Type Of Shed: Regent CN15141RK 1.52m x 1.44m x 1.95m Colorbond Cottage Green


Dear Krisztian,

Thank you so much for your continuing support and update about new materials and valuable information. We would have loved to take part in the Shed Contest, but our shed got assembled in the way you see it in the attached pictures just hours after the deadline of the competition.

Name: Paul Yardley
Location: Huntingdale, WA
Type of Shed: Absco Workshop ZA60303WK 5.96mx3mx2.06m Zincalume


Hi my name is Paul
I purchased an Absco Shed from Krisztian at Cheap Sheds to help solve a space issue. As a drummer for over thirty years I had accumulated a sizable amount of stuff and needed a controllable area to house it.

Name: Name: Trevor & Jenny Ehrich
Location: Wallagan, Qld
Type Of Shed: Absco Premier ZA30301GK 3m x 3m Zincalume


Hey guys, love the sheds and loveeee the way it comes with anchor bolts, its only a small one but that’s all we needed, we use it for wood shed at the back stairs at our new house we just finished building a high set old Queenslander ourselves, it looks great, it was easy to put up and should be there for a long time.

Name: Wayne Lilley
Location: Barden Ridge NSW
Type Of Shed: Durabuilt EasySHED 0305 E/C 3.00m x 2.25m x 2.05m Double DoorJasmin Brown


I use my shed for a garden shed; to store the bigger and bulkier of the garden tools and free up some space in my garage.

Name: John Wallace
Location: Brocklehurst, NSW
Type Of Shed: Absco Compact Double Garage ZACOM5541BN 5.6m x 5.5m x 2.1m W41N3 (non cyclonic) with Double Barn Doors ZA


Hi Krisztian,

Having previously purchased a garden shed from you, and been happy with it, we bought the double garage when my son in Sydney wanted to get his collectable cars away from the sea air. We live in Dubbo, well away from the sea, so he thought we were a handy spot for storage. I did use some improvements of my own, however. I used pop rivets throughout, instead of the self tappers supplied, and as we are in the middle of a mouse plague, I have added reverse angle on the door to cover the gap, and also on the bottom of the doors, to abut the concrete.

Name: Adrian Moses
Location: Mona Vale NSW
Type Of Shed: Spanbilt YardSaver G66 2.1m x 2.1m SD Rivergum


I needed a shed. I’d just moved in to a brand new home and thought the garage would hold all my stuff. Wrong! But then I went and made the same mistake I’ve made so many times before… I went up to that green and red ‘superstore’ to see what they had on offer. It all seemed to be going well. I found a nice sheds, and it was green, which would look great in my yard. But then I lugged it up to the counter on one of their useless trolleys only to find that the advertised price was only for the Zincalume model, not the one I wanted! What I wanted was $250 more! I argued with the manager and dumped the heavy boxes there at the counter, leaving the store fuming. It can’t be that hard to offer good customer service, I was thinking.