Australian Garden Sheds VS USA Garden Sheds

Australian Garden Sheds VS USA Garden Sheds


Australian garden sheds are regarded as best of the best worldwide, particularly when it comes to steel shed kits.

We are so much ahead of the pack so no wonder the Aussie steel shed kits are sought after around the world.

During my recent visit to the United States, I was on the journey to check out how the shed industry changed as I had not been there for 9 years…

OK let me see these garden sheds...

OK let me see these garden sheds…

The steel sheds over there seemed to be of rather poor quality, any of our sheds here would make those sheds look an amateur attempt for sure in my opinion…

The timber sheds are pretty cool, I have spent most of my time checking out those as you can see on the pictures…They are well designed and all come in kit format.

Assembly of these buildings is more difficult and takes longer than the steel sheds, however, it is still a fun DIY project.

A lot of them have the loft area utilised as an extra storage space that makes it even more useful in terms of storage.

Krisztian checking out timber sheds in California, United States

Krisztian checking out timber sheds in California, United States

They do have a bunch of plastic sheds on offer as well. They were good looking, however, I did find them a little flimsy and doors and windows seemed to be a little difficult to align and keep them working properly.

Overall, checking out these sheds on the American market confirmed how on the market and excellent our Australian sheds are.


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  • Tim says:

    I used to leave in the States for a few years (in California as well actually) and used to have a nice timber shed in my backyard. It was great to have it there, but would not have built it myself if I had to… They are somewhat different to the sheds we have here. Your post covers it very well…

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