Name: Atanas Djonov & Allan Giddy
Location: University of NSW Randwick Campus
Type Of Shed: Regent CN15141RK 1.52m x 1.44m x 1.95m Colorbond Cottage Green


Dear Krisztian,

Thank you so much for your continuing support and update about new materials and valuable information. We would have loved to take part in the Shed Contest, but our shed got assembled in the way you see it in the attached pictures just hours after the deadline of the competition.

Anyhow, we still love to show you what we did with the sheds we got from you – we turned it into a solar powered audio-visual installation art work, that is currently exhibited as part of Buffer Zone Exhibition at the Armoury Gallery, Sydney Olympic Park until 31st of July 2011.

Here is our brief:

Atanas Djonov and Allan Giddy, Shedding (Inside Out), 2011

[colorbond sheds, recycled electrical objects (from garage), solar modules, battery]

An inner sanctum protected by a meniscus of steel serves as both shelter and platform. From this safe haven the two artists explore their feelings concerning time and distance in an attempt to come to terms with cultural loss. The result is then channeled out through the skin of tin and glass.

Emotion and history are inexorably linked in this work, as the shed becomes a vehicle and site for exchange, both personally and collectively.

We hope you like our art work.

Best wishes,



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