Accessories For Your Shed

Accessories For Your Shed


People purchase sheds to use them as storage space and for their multipurpose functions.  Some people even get a shed to have a play area for the kids, a hobby place and other different applications.   With the diverse ways we can use our sheds, there are various accessories that you can add to your shed to maximise its use.



For most sheds and garages you can add additional skylight sheets (with some exceptions- see end of article). By adding a skylight you will be allowing natural light into the shed, so you can see your things clearly without having to reach for a flash light.

When adding this accessory to a steel shed it will replace either a full or a half roof panel depending on the brand you choose. However some of our resin sheds include a skylight ridge cap which runs the length of the roof.

Another good way of letting in some light is by adding windows. You have a few options regarding types of windows but it really depends on the type of shed you purchase. It is also best to add windows to your garden shed kit when buying one, so the correct parts are included in your shed kit saving you money and the hassle of adding it to your shed later.

Types of windows you are looking at include:

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Perspex sliding window from Absco & Spanbilt; louvre window from Durabuit

Storage Solutions

Shelving is available for different shed models.

Absco offers 4 and 5-tier galvanised steel shelves. Two sizes of potting shelves are also available for those who love gardening and want to go easy on their backs.

Spanbilt has a variety of shelves from flat ones to a corner shelf and a 3-tier shelf. Tool hanging rack and hook sets are also an option to maximise space.

Durabuilt offers a tool holder and different sizes of 3-tier shelves.

Resin sheds generally come with shelving options too.



Most models of Absco and Durabuilt do not come with anchor kits to fix it to the concrete slab.  Anchors come in a pack of 8 or 12.

Anchor sets can also be used for our Absco pool pump covers and aviaries for secure installation.

Anchor pegs for soft surfaces are also obtainable for the Durabuilt models.

Spanbilt on the other hand, has the anchor sets included in the shed kit.

You can upgrade most of Absco and all Spanbilt models with cyclonic kits in case you live in a cyclonic area or coastal areas exposed to high wind.

Durabuilt currently has the best StormSHED on the market which is well worth looking into if you are in a high wind rate area.

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It is always recommended to lay a concrete slab for your new shed as it provides a solid and level surface for your shed. However it’s not always an option for all people so some types of sheds come with alternative options.

For example with some Absco sheds you can add a timber flooring kit to substitute for a concrete slab.

Resin sheds generally come with a durable resin floor.

With our Cedar Sheds you can purchase wooden flooring kits. You can opt for the standard  rebated floor kit or the heavy duty floor kit for uneven surfaces.


You don’t often have guttering available for sheds but on some models we do have this feature on offer. Two of our manufacturers have some shed options in their ranges for guttering:

  • Durabuilt offers guttering on some EasySHED garden sheds
  • Spanbilt has developed the Smartlocker storage shed which comes with guttering

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Another add on is the shed blanket that has recently been introduced by Absco to help keep the shed cool during summer and insulated during winter.

more accessories

Durabuilt offers sliding door upgrade kit and a tee door handle.  Extra wall height may also be obtained for their EasySHED and Workshop models.


Skylight sheets exceptions- Not available for the Absco’s SpacesaverEconomy and Ezislider models and for the flat and sloping roof Cheap Sheds and YardSaver models.  Depending on your location, some local Councils may only allow 1 skylight sheet and window for every 3m section. 




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