I’m pleased to announce that we have 3 slim line storage sheds on the market to share … on prices that we have not seen before.

We experience an ever increasing demand for high quality slimline storage units, mostly from the medium and high density living areas of the capital cities.

The below units are designed to fill this need. Very well thought out with the space in mind .. how they are going to be used…

  • All 3 models are built with a skillion (also called sloping) roof. The roof of the sheds slope towards the front making it perfect to be placed against a house or any other walls. The roof sloping towards the front enables the rain to run of easily …instead of running between the shed and the wall.
  • The roof does not hang out at the back … making it possible to be placed right against a wall. NO space lost by a roof overhang … very smart
  • Designed with Absco’s patented Snap – TiTE system, making assembly an easy and brief exercise .. perfect for busy people …

Check the items out below and do not hesitate to leave a comment below if you have any questions or anything to add.

Cheap Shed Skillion Roof 2.25m x 0.81m  S53Single Door Cream Shed(not available anymore- try Yardsaver S53)
Cheap Sheds Flat Roof 2.8m x 1.07m Double Door Colour Shed SPECIAL Cheap Sheds Flat Roof 2.8m x 1.07m Double Door Colour Shed

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