Australians love their backyards, we enjoy outdoor garden activities, gardening, BBQing and just entertaining friends on our patios. And it is the Aussie garden shed which often plays a part in keeping the backyard neat tidy and our toys in working order. So it is no wonder more and more people are searching for the best shed’s to add to their homes.ook out for the best garden shed’s to add to the home.

That is probably why you are on this page too, right?

If you are in the market for a shed or looking to upgrade an old one then you are in luck! We took a look at which of our sheds were being purchased the most currently and have put a Best Sheds list which also outlines why they are so popular.

We update this page every few months so you can see exactly what sheds are trending and what people are buying and adding to their homes.

Check out what others, like yourself are adding to their backyards this year…

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Stilla Willow Timber Shed Assembly Guide

Customer Dhananjay from South Australia is a proud owner of a Stilla Willow Timber Shed. She bought it in 2016 and had it assembled at home.

She sent us some photos and feedback about her experience which we decided to share with you in this article. We have also outlined the assembly process as per the manual with some visual aids and photos for anyone looking to buy one themselves.

The Experience

Dhananjay rated her shed and her shopping experience with Cheap Sheds, from whom she bought it from top class (Whoohoo!)

Here is her beautiful Timber shed in all its glory.

Willow 12×8 Timber Garden Shed 3.64m x 2.53m (Gable Roof, Skylights & Rebated Floor)

Stilla Willow Timber Shed Assembly

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aviaries and pet enclosures

Australians love all kinds of pets! From cats, dogs and birds, to the not so cuddly such as snakes, lizards and fish.

If you are a responsible and loving pet owner, no matter what you choose as your companion, I have no doubt you would have a great pet home. Whether it’s roaming in your own house or perhaps a pet enclosure, every pet needs their own space to feel safe.

Aviaries of all shapes and sizes are great pet homes and are often used by Australians for their furry, fluffy, feathery (or scaly) companions.

There is a lot of controversy around using “cages” (I don’t like to use this word) for pets. However, I believe aviaries and pet enclosures have a positive place in our society. If owners use them correctly, they not only keep their pets safe, they can be turned into their own little piece of paradise.

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The Cheap Sheds Blog - Cheap Sheds Brand Garden Sheds

Cheap Sheds has been a professional retailer for 8 years, selling storage buildings from day one. However, we did not come to sell our own Cheap Sheds Brand Garden Sheds till later in our journey. Why you wonder? We did our research first. Before creating our Cheap Sheds Branded Sheds, we wanted to make sure that what we offer to our customers will be exactly what they want. We took our time to see what other manufacturers offered and what features customers preferred. Read More […] Read More

Blue Garden Shed

Are you looking for a BLUE garden shed? You’re not the only one. We have had a few customers come to us in the past looking for different colour shed beyond the standard selection and blue is one that has been requested many times. Yes, most steel garden sheds come in the usual Smooth Cream, Slate Grey or Rivergum green. These are the popular standard colours… but not everyone wants to be ‘standard’. Read More […] Read More

Owning and operating a farm comes with a unique set of needs, not least among them being the need for storage that is both practical, durable and most importantly – cost-effective. Having a ready-made shed delivered or built on your property can be a huge expense. How do you know what the best storage solution is for your farm? Keep reading to find out more about why farm shed kits could be just the answer you’re looking for. Read More […] Read More

It has been a few years since we had to make a price increase announcement but it is always an inevitable occurrence. As most things, the Steel Industry is also impacted by the changes in the economy, so we want to notify our community that: There will be a National Increase in the costs of steel effective from next month. Which means steel prices are going up. This means that suppliers are forced to increase prices on some of their products which will impact us and you, Read More […] Read More

Recently, cats have come under attack, literally and figuratively. The government plan to reduce the feral cat population in rural areas seems to have spread into our neighborhoods. In some places, local governments have made it illegal for a cat to be out of the house unattended; which may not be a bad thing, since cat poisonings are on the rise. Cat lovers have come to fear for their feline friends. Read More […] Read More

The world economy is globalising with people accessing products from different countries every day. It’s all thanks to online shopping. We are now able to purchase practically anything from the comfort of our home… including garages! Garage Kits are now very popular in Australia as you can add a new garage to your property at a very affordable cost. What’s more, garage kits can be purchased online from suppliers and delivered to your door. Read More […] Read More

By now you have heard that this tax time the ATO has accelerated depreciation for small business tax deductions. This is great news for those of you who have either purchased a new workshop or are planning one. The accelerated depreciation table now reaches $20,000 whereas the former immediate tax deduction for small business was limited to $1000. Quite a leap and well deserved. Ace. So what are the Conditions and Tax Deduction Possibilities? Read More […] Read More