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Recently, cats have come under attack, literally and figuratively. The government plan to reduce the feral cat population in rural areas seems to have spread into our neighborhoods.

In some places, local governments have made it illegal for a cat to be out of the house unattended; which may not be a bad thing, since cat poisonings are on the rise. Cat lovers have come to fear for their feline friends.

While we can’t do much about those pesky neighbors, we must do all that we can to keep our precious pets safe and secure.

If your cat has been an indoor and outdoor cat, you will have made some changes in order to protect him. Keeping him indoors all of the time is a challenge, and it makes for an unhappy cat. Some people have successfully leash trained their cats. While this is admirable (and pretty incredible), it doesn’t afford Kitty the freedom to roam that he desires and has become accustomed to.

How can you keep your pet cat happy and safe while outdoors?

One way is to follow the growing trend of placing cat enclosures in your outdoor living space.

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The world economy is globalising with people accessing products from different countries every day. It’s all thanks to online shopping. We are now able to purchase practically anything from the comfort of our home… including garages!

Garage Kits are now very popular in Australia as you can add a new garage to your property at a very affordable cost. What’s more, garage kits can be purchased online from suppliers and delivered to your door.


To find out more about what a garage kit click here.

Nowadays, all you need to do is know what you want then browse the many online retailers who supply garages to find the best product at the lowest price… Easy right? WRONG!

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By now you have heard that this tax time the ATO has accelerated depreciation for small business tax deductions. This is great news for those of you who have either purchased a new workshop or are planning one. The accelerated depreciation table now reaches $20,000 whereas the former immediate tax deduction for small business was limited to $1000. Quite a leap and well deserved. Ace.

So what are the Conditions and Tax Deduction Possibilities?

Of course, there are some stipulations on the accelerated depreciation for small business owners. Whereas formerly, the tax deduction for a workshop to be used for storage in your business would have had to be depreciated over the course of several years, NOW you can claim an immediate tax deduction for each asset costing $20,000 or under.

As an example, consider Paul. Paul owns a small business selling novelties and determines that he needs additional storage for supplies. He buys a workshop for $10,490. His company can immediately deduct the entire cost of the workshop. He can do the same with any other assets needed this year provided the asset has a direct impact on production and is valued under $20,000.

However, before you react straight away and rush out to buy assets to claim the tax deduction/accelerated depreciation you should know that the ATO says it’s going to monitor how the write-off is being used.

As a special note to those with small farm businesses, especially those involving livestock. The ATO is also relaxing rules related to depreciation of other assets used in your small business. For instance, a primary producer can now use a three-year depreciation of fodder storage assets. This small business tax deduction may be claimed even if the business-owner is not the primary land owner. Thus, lessee’s may take advantage of this aspect of the new accelerated depreciation tables.

Fodder storage assets include

  • Grain storage workshops
  • Bins for storing dry grains
  • hay storage sheds

Lastly, those with a small business should note that the current Lock Out rules will be suspended for the duration of the accelerated depreciation tax deduction. The Duration? Yes. The accelerated depreciation tax deduction for small business officially ends 30 June 2017. Whether Parliament makes it permanent or not we cannot say.

So if you are thinking of a new workshop for your small business, now is the time to get one. You not only get the workshop you need, but a tidy savings with the Accelerated Depreciation tax deduction for small business as well.




Please do not take action solely based on the information of this article, this is not a tax advice. If in doubt, please check with a qualified chartered accountant who will be able to give you advice based on your individual situation and circumstances. Also find out more on the ATO website, click here.


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